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No worries, we know everything about mattresses

The most important part of the bedroom is not the bed but the mattress, the quality of the mattress influences your sleep more than you might think, so choosing the best bed mattress is an important decision to be made aware of, most of us spend a third of life in bed.

Choosing a bed mattress becomes even more important if we have problems with the backbone, if we have a weight above average, if we suffer from insomnia and others. Many have as the first criterion when choosing a mattress, the price, but we still need to make a correct hierarchy of priorities, and health should be placed first.

Before giving a ration through the mattress stores, it is advisable to document the types of mattresses and according to your needs as well as within the budget as you focus on certain types of mattresses, so you have a starting point.

The special design of individually wrapped springs makes you feel comfortable even when your partner moves into sleep, each individual bow working individually, ensures a correct position of the spine and unloads the body tension of the person sleeping on the mattress overnight. Details and prices of individual arched mattresses! Visit for more.

Memory foam mattresses are ideally suited to supporting the spine, with a special layer that ensures uniform dispersion of pressure points. Details and prices memory foam mattresses!

Mattress types

Depending on the technology used there are 5 large mattress categories, which we will summarize below:

Spring arches : The arcs are already a tradition, if you decide to the traditional spring mattress, look for a mattress with as many arches as possible, and as small a diameter as possible to support the body evenly during sleep ;

Individually dressed arcaded mattresses: from classic spring mattresses, each spring adjusts independently to body weight pressure, and you will feel the benefits of sleeping at night;

Sponge mats: These have a thick layer of hypoallergenic latex foam and this sponge can be of different densities (softer or lighter). Compared with the memory foam, latex foam is not sensitive to body temperature, and has the disadvantage that the sponge can be grinded and damaged in time;

Memory foam mattresses: is one of the newest mattress technologies, and a new one, they adapt to body shape, sensitive to its temperature, pressure points are thus minimized, providing maximum comfort, but they have a slightly higher price. If you cannot buy a memory foam mattress, you can buy at least one memory foam cushion.

Crossover mattresses: a combination of springs and sponge technologies, so you can benefit from a soft mattress that offers the necessary support, and here you have a choice of memory foam and latex foam.