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The right Mattress Produces the right comfort for you

Sleep plays an important role in our health, and its quality depends largely on the mattress we sleep on. A good mattress gives us a quiet sleep, a relaxed body and a good mood for the whole day.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right mattress:

Choose the length of the mattress and bedclothes

For the best sleep, it is necessary that the length of the mattress and bed liner be 15-20 cm higher than your height, so the legs will not exceed the bed.

Choose the width of the mattress and the sleeping bag

Usually, at night we often turn from one side to another, so the width of the mattress is just as important. Thus, for a person, you have to choose a mattress of at least 90 cm, and for 2 people at least 160 cm. So get the best at the cyber Monday mattress deals 2018.

Test the mat in the shops

When you choose a mattress, you should test it. When you probe the mattress, you have to make sure that it protects the spine and follows the shape of the body, you can spend a few minutes in the position where you sleep, so you will be safer in your choice.

The mattress must provide comfort

A mattress must provide comfort, which means that you can relax and feel comfortable when you lie down or sit down on it.

What types of mattresses exist in professional stores? specialists tell us what are the types of bed mattresses we find in stores, what the differences between them are and what benefits they bring to health.

Arched mattresses

Benefits: very good support, comfort, very good air circulation inside the mattress, durability. The quality of spring mattresses depends on the thickness of the steel wire and the number of springs present in the mattress.

Classical foam mattresses

Benefits: Support the column in the correct position, profile foam provides support adapted to every part of the body provides support and allows natural movement during sleep, hypoallergenic, with anti-microbial properties.

Mattress foam mattresses

The shape memory foam is a heat-sensitive visco-elastic material that fits perfectly at body temperature, reducing the need to change the position during the night. Benefits: shape memory foam adapts perfectly to body temperature and distributes its pressure point-by-point. Reduces the number of movements during the night and improves blood circulation.

Latex mattresses

Latex is a natural, anti-allergic material that allows the mattress to breathe. The higher the density of latex, the mattress will be firmer. Benefits: very good air circulation inside mattress, excellent comfort, relaxation of the column, very resistant material, improved blood circulation.

Call a consultant

To choose a mattress that will give you the necessary level of comfort, you can call a consultant. This will make it much easier to understand the differences between each type of mattress.