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Baby’s crib mattress: How to Choose

The budget varies from person to person. Only a couple of years ago the only real option was to go to the store, which almost always meant paying too much for a mediocre mattress or offering your newborn child for a large mattress. The online mattress industry is helping to change that. With so many companies that build exceptional mattresses at fair and reasonable prices, consumers can set a modest budget and get a great bed.

In this industry, more money does not always mean a better mattress. The price of the mattress of the retail store is drastically inflated, in many cases with brands that go from 300-1,000%.

In almost all cases we recommend that you consider buying a mattress online in the first place. The online stores can cover a lot of market and offer a high quality product for about 30% of what you would pay in the store for a similar mattress. In both cases mattresses have a similar feeling and built quality, the only difference is the price that finally pays for it.

Steps to choose the budget of your mattress

More price does not mean higher quality - Remember that the price of the mattress does not always indicate its quality, especially if you are shopping at the store.

Find an average price. This price point puts you somewhere between the luxury of the online mattress market and the low quality mattresses, and gives you a wide number of options.

It is true that a higher budget will allow more options, but be careful.

Do not go for the cheapest. The price is not a perfect indicator of quality, but if it is not spending it is probably getting lower quality, lower durability, and higher toxicity in a mattress.

Pay for the quality- Remember that this mattress can and should last from 8 to 10 years. A € 1,000 mattress that lasts 10 years costs approx. € 0.27 / day. Do not skimp on your mattress! Your health and sleep are worth much more than a quarter of a day.

What firmness do you need?

Firmness is how hard or soft a mattress feels in The most common question I receive from my readers is "how firm is this mattress?" This is also one of the most difficult questions to answer. The feeling and firmness of a mattress depends on its definition of soft, medium and firm. It is highly subjective. In addition, your body type, weight, size and other factors influence the feeling.